About Fest5

Film festivals are popular entertainment events that attract audiences from all around the world. Not only that, film festivals around the world are the right place to showcase your talent to the audience and get noticed for your talent.

Organizing and hosting a film festival requires a great deal of work, starting from connecting with the film makers, film community and the right audience. The next steps include the marketing and promotions plan & strategy, getting the designs in place, sharing them on the right platforms, getting the right guidance for ranking and listing.

Film festival organizations often do not find a one-stop solutions platform to get things going. They connect with different organizations offering selective services and lag behind to organize a compact festival. The budget again is again another constraint as film festival organizations find it impossible to find a solution that is cost-effective.

This is where Fest5, a film festival marketing and promotions platform comes to your rescue. Fest5 provides the best of services for the design, promotion, marketing, ranking & listing of your film festival in one platform. Apart from that we also provide our services in the most cost-effective way, keeping in mind your niche requirements and ensuring that your festival reaches its desired goals.

Fest5 connect film makers, especially independent makers globally to help them showcase their talent in various film festivals across the world. Our film makers channel is updated regularly about latest news, offers and opportunity about local & international film festivals.