Film Marketing, Promotion

After the successful completion of the film you made, you would definitely want your film to reach the audience, film festivals, and other film platform

The process of film promotions and marketing is critical to your film’s overall success. It needs to have a completely different process that most filmmakers are not always aware of. 

We at Fest5 connect your film with 15+ Global film databases and online film platforms for more visibility of your film to movie-loving audiences, festivals, and OTT platforms.

Film Branding

Effective film branding helps to establish a recognizable identity for the film.

Create your film branding with a website

Having a website for your film gives you opportunities to attract new audiences that are non-existing with other platforms. We create a dedicated film website for you so that your online presence and visibility grows and reaches a wider audience.

Fest5 designs and hosts your film site using GoogleSites.

Check list  to register your film :

Service Duration 72 Hours

Charges 799 INR / 15 USD

So what are you waiting for! Let’s get started!